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Ribus is a company that offers solutions for the real estate market via Blockchain. Our asset is Token Ribus, which works as a real key to the digital real estate market. Within web 3.0, we are pioneers in Blockchain Real Estate in Brazil.

Our mission is to democratize access and demystify the dogmas implanted by the conventional operating environment in the real estate sector, which is currently the largest in the entire world economy. It is an extremely conservative and solid market, demanding security and highly controlled by inspection bodies, laws and regulations.

Ribus proposes to connect services, products and people in the real estate market through the cryptoassets market. We have professionals of the highest capacity and knowledge in web 3.0 in partnership with solid companies that, with more than 40 years in the civil construction market, have already delivered more than 4 million m² in developments, construction and sales.

The Ribus project aims to be a precursor in the modernization of the Brazilian real estate market, digitizing processes, ensuring security and transparency through Blockchain technology.

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